20 Minute Guided Office Meditation

In-office guided meditation sessions to develop stable mental health, sustained energy, and creative vibrance at your workplace. You could even lower your company’s insurance premiums (we’re not joking).

Why Thriving Companies Meditate

The key to success in any company lies in its team’s wellbeing. It takes an office culture dedicated to cultivating focus, energy, clarity and inspiration for any organization to excel. But when work builds up, it can be difficult to maintain that motivation.

Energy, focus and creativity can feel like scarce resources, when in fact these are plentiful. Each of us has a wellspring of these resources we can access at any time. Meditation and mindfulness help us tap into this wellspring.

Disclaimer: Companies that meditate will likely experience side-effects such as: unwavering focus, vigorous productivity, inspired motivation, and full commitment as a team towards the mission, vision, and the task at hand.

Just ask Nike… or Apple… or Google. These are companies that have incorporated meditation and mindfulness practices into their daily norms. The best of the best know that creating a thriving office culture is essential to long-term success. That’s where we come in.

We believe that employees should feel human and work should feel inspired. WellspringMind is committed to serving New York City area and supporting your success and wellbeing. Your company is our community. Through guided meditation and mindfulness practices designed to empower teams to thrive together, we’ll help your company’s culture flourish. Let us guide you to your wellspring


Sustained Energy

No more fatigue or burnout. Meditation regulates the nervous system, allowing for more consistent energy. No crash means consistent productivity.

Creative Insight

Unlock your team’s creative genius. According to Harvard Business Review, meditation enhances focus and nurtures resilience and innovation in the face of problems.

Reduced Stress

Time magazine reports that stress-related problems are the third-highest health expenditure in the country. Meditation, by lowering cortisol levels and reducing inflammation, is clinically proven to zap stress and and has been shown to slash company insurance premiums.

Emotional Intelligence

Studies show that meditation melts away anxiety, depression, and emotional reactivity. As people become more stable in regulating their own emotions and thoughts, they become better communicators and listeners. This is what creates stronger collaboration at the office.

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Beginning as low as $600/month


“Wellspring introduced me to methods of stress reduction. For me, it’s worked. I find myself more resilient and more balanced.

Richard R.

“I slept like baby for 10 hours that night and was inspired me to get back to my practice. Thank you again for sharing your gifts with us!”

Angela D.S.

“It was great to be able to have a class customized to my needs.  They were extremely thoughtful, patient, and great at explaining.”

Travis B.

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